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To all of you. Just a note to say thank you for helping me pick out my beautiful ring. The day I walked into your place, I felt at home. I was treated so well. I have seriously been looking at rings for 3-4 years. I have been everywhere and couldn’t find the perfect one. You all made me feel important, and I didn’t feel pressured one single time. Thank you. I love it. It made my 20th Anniversary the best one yet.


In reference to an engagement ring I recently purchased, I would like to thank your staff for the exceptional service. Thank you Kelly for your continued correspondence throughout the process, and my apologies for not responding as your emails were quickly deleted in hopes of preserving the surprise. We recently eloped to British Columbia on a flying holiday and I popped the question. I think the ring helped her make the decision. I believe we will be contacting you regarding the band in the near future. Many thanks.

Mitchell LeMieur   

Jeff and his crew are incredible. Being new to town I was very nervous about leaving my jewelry with someone I didn't know. I wanted to have 3 rings combined into one. Mine, my late husband and my mother who had also passed away. I explained the idea that I had in my head and they made it happen. I felt very much at ease as they knew the importance of these rings. I knew they would take very good care of them. I was thrilled when they called and said it was finished. Exceptionally beautiful is the best way to describe my new ring. Thank you GoldSmith Jewelers for a job well done!

Penny Buch   

Over the years I have a lot of experience with jewelry and I have to say GoldSmith Jewelers are by far one of the best around. Very high praises on quality work, quality jewelry & customer service. I highly recommend them.

Laura H   

I Love My Ring! I was absolutely speechless when you showed it to me. I never thought it could look so wonderful. When I showed it to my husband, his comment was, “Now that looks like a ring!” I know you worked very hard on it for me and I wanted you to know how much your efforts are appreciated.


Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that Lisa has accepted my offer to be her only man for the rest of her life. The ring had a lot to do with it. She absolutely loves it. Thank you for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you. We actually saw a similar ring at the mall, but it was double your cost. Can’t thank you enough.


Hi. Just a note of thanks for the beautiful job on my diamond ring! It couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you again.


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my jewelry, as well as the great price you gave me. It is appreciated.


Just a quick note to express my thanks. Jill loves the engagement ring! The process of shopping for it was simple and painless, and thanks to the discount you gave me, I can still afford shotgun shells!!


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